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Fire Academy ""Help""

Good afternoon, okay does anyone out there know what states if any does California accept there Fire training I asked some CDF Firefighters even went to the website with no luck. I found an Academy in Texas where you can complete the classroom portion on line and then attend weekend hands on training. I'm currently taking firefighter tests in California and don't have my Firefighter 1. Having a Family and working full time dosen't allow me to attend an Academy. I know you can obtain it if you become a Volunteer Firefighter and wait 1to 2 years. I'm looking for any suggestions, thanks.
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Sorry the California currently accepts no other training that that given under CSFM blessing

I agree with Snakepit, Im pretty sure that california only accepts California State Fire Marshal Academies and certificates although it will accept other training such as AS/AA degrees
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California does not have reciprocity with any other state or federal agency. If you have IFSAC certification and work for a California military installation, you can get your CSFM Firefighter-1 through that avenue, otherwise it's a CSFM "approved" academy. The other option is to have 6 months of full-time paid or 1 year of volunteer experience with a California department with a signed off CSFM Firefighter-1 checklist. Good luck. It will take a sacrifice of something to get this accomplished, nothing hard comes easy.

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