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Felonies, What do you think?

I have a friend, who's desperately interested in a career in the fire department. But because of a life of bad circumstances, he made a decision, which he deeply regrets, which ended, leaving him with a felony on his record. My question is what can the fire department offer, in terms of employment, to a very hard working individual who can't catch a break?
Also can anyone tell me the policy in regards to people with felonies?

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I dont know of any that will take you with a felony. TX may be different. Im sure it also depends on the type of felony and how long ago it occured. I would suggest that he speak with a lawyer about getting the charged reduced and then possibly expunged....however as I said. I know of NO department that will hire you with a felony conviction.
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Every Fire Department is different when it comes to background investigations and requirements. You will have to check with each agency your friend tests with, to see if he will be automatically disqualified.

It will be VERY difficult for your friend to get hired.

A felony will make it very difficult if not impossible for your friend to get hired. We all make mistakes in life, I believe they call it "life experience." Some of these will stay with us forever.
Unfortuantely, your friend's mistake will stay with him for life.
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What are the guy's chances if he gets the charge reduced or expunged? Will it eliminate him in the future?

So much of it really depends on what the crime was, how far was it reduced, the department standards etc. AND keep in mind that any crime expunged under CPC1203.4 still MUST be divulged during a background investigation. It's always better to fess up in the beginning. Do you really want the investigator to "find out" half way through your process? I can almost guarantee you that you will not be hired in that circumstance.
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My friend got in trouble when he was 18 years old. He got a felony conviction at that time. He later had it reduced then expunged. I have known this guy since I was 7 years old. Now he is 28 and he has completed a fire academy. He works for AMR as a EMT. He has completed his AS in fire science from a local junior college. He is very interested in paramedic school next. He told me he was worried about a Fire department not hiring him because of his past. Even though that was the only time he got in trouble.

I'm not sure what he did. Specify. I guarantee if it has to do with rape, major burglary or beating somebody. Forget it! He will never get hired. All background investigators will pinpoint this stuff and file his packet in the trash.
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