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Fire Prevention Inspectors!!!

I need Guidance. I am 29 now with an As, Bs degrees in fire protection along with certs in fire prevention 1a 1b and 1c for the state of CA. I am solely interested in becoming a fire inspector/fire prevention officer. What steps can i take at this point to further my career and not get thrown into the track of a firefighter per say?

There are a few ways of getting into the Prevention side of the Fire Service, you can go the route I took, where I was a volunteer FF, and since they knew my work ethic and desire, they took a chance on me with no FP experience. You can start out as a Pub Ed. person with a FD and work your way up, most departments like to promote from within if you show the desire. Since this job entails alot of public interaction on many different levels, you may want to ensure that while you are hoping to get on with a FD, your current employment deals with some type of public interaction, whether on the volunteer or paid aspect.
Fire Sprinklers Save Lives!

roggy23, any luck with any leads? i'm the same age and in the same boat.