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Paramedic School

I'm going to be separating from the military come August; I have my EMT-B and would like to get into a medic school. Any good schools near Covina, CA?

I am going to UCLA Daniel Freeman and I love it. We are located in Inglewood, probably not as close as you would like but if you want to get it done, get it done. Also they counted my military experience towards the mandatory EMT experience requirement. ( some programs did not )There is also Paramedic training institute, which is located in Commerce I think. Last but not least ther is Mount San Antonio College located near Diamond Bar. They are the cheapest of the programs, but I don't know too much about them as in requirements.

Hope this helps,

I've heard Daniel Freeman is preceptor went there and loved it. I went to Emergency Training Services in Santa Cruz. Its a little farther from you but if theres a waiting list there its worth a try. Its a great program.