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I am 20 years old and am in the beginning stages of training to become a firefighter. I am in excellent physical shape and have a good head on my shoulders. I am planning on attending a Firefighter 1 academy in the spring and later moving into a paramedic program. When I was younger I entered a 28-day treatment facility for marijuana. I have never experimented with any other drugs. I have been clean and sober ever since (coming up on a year and a half). I have no intention of trying to hide from this on my background check, but I was wondering how this would affect my pursuit of a career in the fire department, and how I should approach it during the interview process. Thank you, this is my first post.

If the interview panel does not bring the subject up in the interview, no reason for you to mention it.
If the panel (for some unknown reason) should ask you about it, tell them what you have already posted.
What I see is that you admitted you had a problem and you took action to get that problem taken care of.
How will this affect your opportunities to get hired? I can tell you that there are very few candidates that are perfect candidates out there.
Many candidates have placed various drugs into their bodies, got their act together and got hired.
Will there be some departments that not hire you? Maybe. But there are departments that will hire you. The longer you stay clean, the better you look!

Keep coming back!

Best wishes
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Ok I think I opened my message box thanks for any info.

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