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Does anyone have any info on the EMS Academy in Redwood City CA? Success rate for taking tests, value for money, etc...also, any info on medic trainee housing up there?

I actually took a PALS recert class there and thought that the instruction was pretty good. I have no idea about the overall program but the instructors were quite competent and the students seemed like they knew their stuff. I think that I have the lead instructors business card, if you PM me I will look for his info and you can email him with your specific questions.

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The California EMS Academy is one of the best in the state. I recently completed the didactic and clinical portions (currently awaiting an internship). The instructors are all seasoned EMS providers who can give input with regards to real life situations. The lead instructors is a STAR OF LIFE recipient (the EMS equivilent of the Medal of Honor. The next class is being offered in February.I would highly encourage attending the Pre-Paramedic course if it is offered. With regards to housing, the majority of my class was from San Diego, they found a couple of apartments and lived fairly comfortably. The one thing (i thought it was a plus) was the higher % required to pass the course, 85%. However, you come out a SAFE beginning medic, and that is all any program can promise. Any questions PM me.

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