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paramedic school or fire academy?

Hey all. I'm looking to get some opinions on what to do next. I'm currently enrolled in a community college taking my emt-b course as well as anotomy/physiology. I was wondering what might be my next step. I'm thinking of going on to paramedic school... so I was wondering if it would be better to get paramedic school done with, then do the fire academy or if it would be better the other way around? I'm pretty sure people are going to point out that I could begin testing right when im done with the academy, so that would be the better choice, but overall what's going to give me the best chance of being hired? Thanks.

that is up to you. i chose medic school. however, after you finish emt class and a&p you will need 1 year of experience in the field as an EMT before going to paramedic school. try to find a job and get some exp. im 2 months from completing my program and i can tell you if i didnt have the experience i would have dropped out a long time ago.


volcomstone03 made a good point about 1 year experience working as an EMT. It wouldn't be a bad idea either to complete all the prerequiste fire technology classes at a community college within the year. One of my classmates is currently working a 40 hour week as an EMT and will be done with all the prerequiste classes by the end of the semester, then eventually be put on the next list for the fire academy. You might then realize which field will motivate you the most. Like volcomstone03 said, "that is up to you." Good luck!


I went with PM school first then the academy. After EMT school, I worked as an EMT for a year (this is essential) and took classes to prepare for PM school (ACLS, PALS, PHTLS, A&P, PM Prep). I got a PM job straight out of school and have worked for a year as a medic. While working as a medic, I took my pre-requisites and the academy.

I could have probably taken my fire science classes and academy while working as an EMT, but wanted to really prepare for PM school. That decision paid off big time, because I was already familiar with a lot of the material once I got to PM school.

Obviously there are a lot of paths you can take. Another factor to consider is that you can get a reserve or volunteer position more easily if you have the academy.

Good Luck,