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Ladder Lift


I've been doing well on my PATs but upper body strength is still a lagging issue. In particular, I've been having trouble with the 24 ft. ladder throw after extesive training with free weights, pushups, bench pressing and abdominal/back strengthening exercises. Is there a workout that could address this task specifically?


Technique is the key here. Weights and pushups do build strength but
if you haven't thrown a ladder in a while, it doesn't matter how strong
you are, it will be uncomfortable and awkward. If you can't get your
hands on a 24' or someone who can show you the proper technique,
find an object that is similar in size and weight to a ladder. Start with a
light painters ladder if you can find one. It is a combination of upper
and lower body strength in throwing the ladder, but practice and
technique is the real key. Even small guys can throw big ladders

can you explain what the ladder throw is?

Check this website out. Locate the academy/demo training clips. There is a short video clip on the 20'/24'. Have fun!

Click on fire academy. Then click onto Virtual tour of the training center. have fun.

Specifically training your delts to work in the position and range of motion they will be needed is very important. I agree with doing that ladder throw practice with an actual ladder.
BUT, that's not always available for everyone. I would suggest using one Olympic Plate, and doing overhead press-ups from the chest to a stiff arm above the head at the top of the range of motion. Start by using a 25, then progress to a 35, then a 45... you don't want to move up too fast. Each rep should be a thrust motion up (careful, don't hyperextend the elbows!) and a slow (3 seconds)lower. Do 3 sets to exaustion. Make sure your shoulders are warmed up first (to prevent rotator cuff injury). Do this after you have done chest and back.
I hope the description is clear enough. Good luck.

Asante (Health) to you!
Dr. Jen Milus, DC
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