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On line Degrees?????

Good morning, I'm trying to find out about any schools that are recognized by the state and are legitimate in offering on-line Fire Science and EMS degrees. I'm aware of the Allan Hancock college program, however I would have to go in person to complete my general education classes. Also does anyknow of either a state or federal agency that has information on what schools are legitimate in the USA. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Whatever works,have a great day!

Hey danramon,
I've been looking into my fire training lately, and I haven't found anything online that would give you a degree...however, I did find this:

It seems like a pretty good program. You do all the book work type stuff online at your own pace, then attend a two week (I think) boot camp for equipment training and the like.

They have some forums where you can see what some of the students say about it.

Hope this helps!

Hi Yeorin

I have been looking at the site that you suggested for a little bit now. However the forums are not functioning properly, so I cannot ask on their if the courses are Cali certified. I emailed them and they told me they weren't sure but that they were TX certified. Additionally it is both NFPA 1001 cert and IFSAC cert. It does have the bootcamp you mentioned by the way.

Also, which EMT class do I need for Cali? It seems like EMT-B, and would any EMT-B course work if that is the case?


You can check with the US Department of Education to determine if a college is accredited. Two such organizations that do accreditation are the National Education Association and the the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. If a college is accredited,they will be upfront about this right off the bat.

If a college is not currently accredited, the credits and/or degrees you earn there may not be accepted by other colleges or employers.

You can check out Keiser University for AA/AS degrees offered completely on-line. However, I would believe that if the on-line classes at Allan Hancock require that you meet on campus from time-to-time, there is good reason for that. I completed a four year degree and a few of my classes were hybrid offerings.

Check the class offerings at all community colleges in the state to see what on-line general education classes are available. What one college doesn't have, another college may have. Be prepared to work yer tail off when you sign up for on-line classes.

You can use credits from other colleges that can be applied toward your degree. But you still must complete a set number of units from the college you wish to earn your degree from. For instance, if mythical Rio Dosa College requires that you complete 30 units in the major there for an AS degree from that institution, they may accept 20-30 units earned at mythical Black Jack Mountain College. You have to check with the counseling departments and the department for your major to get lined out exactly.

There is no limit on the number of colleges you can attend. A three unit English Composition class which meets general education requirements is the same class at San Bernardino Valley College at it is a Butte College.

A good way to get the straight scoop is to talk to a counselor or an admissions counselor. These are the folks who are experts and can tell you what you need to know in order to get your sheepskin(s).

Best wishes
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