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Bay Area EMT & Medic Program

Emergency Medical Technician
Hello everyone ! Just wanted to let anyone who is interested know that we still have seats available for our next EMT class which is scheduled to start Sept. 24th [ Saturdays & Sundays ] and wrapping up Nov 20th. This EMT course is taught by working firefighter emts & firefighter paramedics who have both ambulance AND engine experience. Please call 1-800-483-3615 for more details.

For those of you who are interested AND qualify, we also host EMSTI's Paramedic Program as well here in Dublin Ca.. EMSTI is based out of Stockton Ca. and has been offering paramedic classes for quite sometime. This class is also taught by firefighter paramedics who spend time on both the ambulance AND the engine, which enables us to provide a full spectrum of information to our students. We also offer in-house National Registry testing as well for those who successfully complete our program. For more information on the Paramedic program, please call 1-209- 461-5550.
Thank you for your time !
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