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Oct. 4 - Oral Board Prep Class

It's Your Turn in the Hot Seat!

You?ve spent time, money and put your life on hold to gain the necessary education and experience to become a firefighter. Your oral board will determine the future. It?s game day. You have around 20 minutes to stun the oral board into giving you the opportunity to ride big red. Are you ready to sit in the hot seat and see what you?ve got?

At the Chabot College FREE seminar on Tuesday October 4, 2005, with Captain Bob, you can gain the time-tested strategies of oral boards you might be missing. In a no-nonsense, straight-from-the-hip way, and in a total of 2+ hours, you will gain more information and insights than most candidates learn in an entire lifetime.

Please send Captain Bob your questions on what you want to make sure that is covered at the seminar:

DATE: Tuesday October 4, 2005

TIME: 6 pm to 8 pm

LOCATION: Room 916, Building 900 at Chabot College
25555 Hesperian Boulevard, Hayward, CA 94545

This is information that has helped over 2200 candidates nail their badges!

If you have questions or if you would like to reserve a spot, please email Steve Prziborowski, Fire Technology Coordinator at Chabot College, at

Fire "Captain Bob" Smith has coached countless entry level and promotional candidates to get their badge. He is a retired 28-year Hayward, California Captain, speaker/author of the audio/video program "Conquer the Job Interview," the books ?Fire Up Your Communication Skills" and "Eat Stress For Breakfast", and his latest book, ?Becoming a Firefighter: Your Complete Guide to the Badge.? He is a coach, publisher, author, frequent talk show guest, (completing over 300 media interviews, including the Barbara Walters Show ?The View?), featured in USA Today, rater on job interviews, and member of the prestigious National Speakers Association.

To find out more information about ?Captain Bob,? visit his website at

Steve Prziborowski
Fire Technology Coordinator
Chabot College
(408) 205-9006 - Cellular
(510) 723-6851 - Office
(408) 358-9400 - Fax
Steve Prziborowski, Captain

I look forward to meeting those of you who are attending. Come early and I will review as many resumes that we have time for.

Every seminar is different because of what the candidates want to ask and the direction of the attendees.

If you could learn just one thing that could make the difference in getting a badge would you attend. You will never know unless you show up.

Wouldn?t you like to find out how ready you are?

Here are some of the comments from the ?It?s Your Turn in the Hot Seat? seminars:

There were so many critical points that I was not aware of. Pat

The interactive format getting information from many people was amazing. Jim

The grilling of everybody was a great learning experience. Nathan

I could have listened to this engaging format for hours. Steve

The information from this seminar could be the tilting point that could turn things around in your oral boards.

"Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

Fire "Captain Bob" Author, Becoming A Firefighter,
Conquer Fire Department Oral Boards, and
It's Your Turn in the Hot Seat!