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Training for CPAT/Career

I got a great question from one of you guys. I thought it might help anyone who is interested!:

Seeing that passing the CPAT is one requirement to get hired I am currently in the process of training for it. Back in high school, I was on my varsity water polo and swim team all four years. I was also a Fire Cadet and a Lifeguard Cadet. So, I am familiar with Firefighter duties and the events in the CPAT. Exercise has been a regular routine for me. Aside from that, I was a member of Gold?s Gym back home. However, my question is this: Once I came to college, my exercising habits took a break, along with my healthy eating habits. Currently I am 6'2'' and about 205 Ibs. Aside from getting your video, is there anything that I can do in order to get my body back in shape not only for the CPAT but for the academy as well? I plan on taking the CPAT sometime next year, so I am giving myself ample time to train. If you could let me know and email me back, I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you and I hope to hear form you soon.

There is so much to work on that will benefit you over your lifetime. College "kids" often get out of the good eating and exercising habits in their on-campus attempt to manage their time. Funny how 15 credit hours (15 hours in the classroom) uses up so much time! Then the food in the dorm cafe is buffet. And the beer as free flowing around campus. Don't worry about it... youth and athleticism are on your side!
Start with:
Get back to eating right. Eat fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Eat whole grains and lean meat. Eat 5 small meals a day. Each containing protein. Cut out processed food, and for sure alcohol. Beer has a certain sugar in it that turns right to fat!

Warm up before any training, and stretch at the end!

Train major muscle groups only (no biceps, triceps or calves). Do extra BIG exercises; multiple joints in one exercise. Do super setting of opposing muscle groups to keep your heart rate up- like chest-back and squats and hamstring curls. Or: try clean and j*rk super-setted with lat pulls (in front)leaning back at 45 degrees. Don?t rest in between.

.Always start out med weight,(60-70 % of max) at 12 reps. Pyramid up to one rep failure increasing the weight by 10 pounds each set (depending on the exercise... with bigger people, you might want to progress at 20/25 lb incriments). This may take 8 or 12 sets.

Get a weight vest, and start working on your "cardio". Step at 60 steps per minute. Start out at 2 minutes and 20 pounds. Go up by a minute each week and add 5 pounds each week. Jump rope too (without a weight vest, of course).

Some say endurance is key. But, endurance to me is running a marathon... or even the Western States 100. You don't need that. That's wasting your time! But also, you don't need 5 or 7 mile run either. If you want to run, do sprints! Do bleachers! Do liners- like in basketball/football/soccer.

You need intense intervals of heart-rate-high resistance work that lasts 10 minutes. Then rest for a minute or 2, drink some water, change the exercises, and do the new super set to failure.. Jump some rope in these intervals- between the sets of super-sets.

Train intensely for an hours a day. If you use your time wisely, no rest and no chattering, this should do ya!

Is that what you were looking for?
Let me know if I can help!

Dr. Jen Milus, DC
Author of Fire it Up CPAT Training System