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Honolulu Fire Department Video Test

I am currently testing with the Honolulu Fire Department. My next test is a Video Test (multiple choice) focusing on teamwork and human relations in relation to the fire service. Unfortunatly, this is the 1st time they are using it so information is not readily available. If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, or knowledge of this test any information would be much appreciated.


Just a word of advise, if the test you speak of is a "Fire Team Test" (video based) you'll want to at least check out their website and get the sample study guide. I recently tested for a N. Calif. dept. and almost got burned because I didn't check out the material prior to the test. The department I tested with weighted the video based test 100% for your rank! Good luck. (I think)
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That Video Fire Team test is a little difficult to get the hang of. No "IN BETWEEN" answers. You've also gotta be good at mental math. Some of those scenarios are ridiculous and pretty funn
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