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cdf station visits

Wanted to know if there are any particular cdf stations in the Riverside County/San Bernardino County that one could visit regarding FF1 positions and any stations that do pick up seasonals,and is hemet ryan attack base open to visits.Any info would be wonderful and helpful to all that are looking for seasonal positions.

Any CDF station would be a great place to visit or start your search. Riverside County has primarily Schedule A stations, which mostly user FFII's. But the on-duty crew at any fire station that you visit will be able to help you find a Schedule B (state funded) station or at least give you some good information. The best bet is to just stop by, ask any questions that you may have. If they arent the right people to ask, they'll tell you who is!

San Bernardino has more Schedule B stations and need more FFI's. The 2 stations in Highland and 2 stations in Yuacaipa are the only schedule A stations in BDU.

As far as Heme-ryan goes, just stop by and talk to them. The airbase only has a few FFI positions available.

But if there is a certain station that you want to work at, stop by and talk to the station Captain and start there!

Good luck

Good luck to ya.
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