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need help on paper

i am typing a report for my fire safety class, titled Firefighter Safety in Relation to .... and i was hoping to get information from you guys out there. First i want to find a good topic, everyone in my class is writing about fire PPE and apparatus, i was hoping to hear some suggestions and maybe some sources, websites etc for information. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Student, Santa Ana College

adam digger
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Not sure if this would be an acceptable topic for your class but the anniversary of the Loop fire was yesterday, it occured on Nov 1, 1966. 12 firefighters from the El Cariso hotshots were killed when fire ran uphill and overran their position while they were building fireline downhill.

This fire was one of several (Mann Gulch, Rattlesnake, Inaja) that led to changes in how we fight wildland fires today (10 standard fire orders, 13 watchouts (18 after south canyon), downhill line construction guidelines etc). You should be able to find enough information on this fire to do a paper on and I would think it would be a good topic for a safety class.
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Ventilation has always been a personal favorite, lot's of good stuff, and challenging.


A current topic with lots of information would be comminications and also Rapid Intervention Crews.

Good luck


How about professional education and experience as those subjects can relate back to safety?

I like to say that I made an "informed" decision based on my education and experience.

Anyone out there ever made an "uninformed" decision?

(wait.....magnesium rims? What the heck are you talkin'......oooooooh Pretty colors!)

Best wishes

hey thanks for the reply... ventilation sounds liike a very good subject. i edited my question the next day cuase i forgot to mention "in relation to safety, so my topic would be fifefighter safety in relation to ventilation.... thats sounds like a very good report, do u think i can write five pages on it, its got to be all on safety, i cant expand to much much on the ventilation aspect, if you follw what i am trying to say ... lol. any ??? thanks a bunch !

adam digger