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need help on my interview

My question is,does ne one has a link to a firefighter or a website that reallys can help my chances of improving my oral interview score.By actually listening and giving real good advice and feedback any one out there,Im asking from the bottom of the heart

Three excellent sources for information on oral interviews are as follows: Captain Bob Smith's website, has loads of free information and a package available for purchase to help you improve your interview skills. Captain Bob's son, Captain Rob also offers private coaching and feedback for a fee.

The third resource you should seriously consider is purchasing Chief Paul Lepore's materials. His information can be found at

An additional suggestion would be for you to do a search within the "Open Forum" of this website. There are thousands of responses from hundreds of firefighters answering questions such as the one you've asked. A wealth of information is to be had, but you have to be willing to do a little footwork on your own. This website is invaluable!

Also, post your questions in the "Open Forum" and you'll likely get a quicker reply.

Best of luck in your pursuit!



Your profile says your from Santa Monica. Since your in Southern California the choice is very simple.....LEPore, LePore, LePore
Grab that BRASS RING with all you have

thank fellas,this info is invaluable!!!