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selective service number

i seen a discussion about the background checks if have a number for the selective service and if u dont have one you will be eliminated from the process of being a fireman, my question is this,if i otbained my selective service number very late (lets say when i turned 19) will that still get me eliminated from the appilcation process as well?

any feed back will help thank you

At least you will have it. And it depends on the dept. The last background that I did they didn't even ask for it. But there are some big depts in the bay area that drop you for not having it.

thanks fren. i appreciate the feedback

were do you go to find your selective service number. i did register when i turned 18, but i don't know how to prove it.


In order to find your selective service number, you can find it instantly online at

It will ask for your last name, social security number and your DOB. It states you can only use the online service for those born on or after 1/1/60.

It will give you your selective service number as well as your date of registration.

You should know that it is the LAW to register for the selective service when you turn 18. Fire Departments frequently ask for this information in order to make sure you are staying up on your country's needs. Every department in the county I work for asks for it. This information is usually asked for in the standard state background forms that many cities use for their police and firefighter candidates. It is a POST form, form number 2-251, and is from the State of California Department of Justice.
The form asks for your selective service number, but not for the date of registration.

This form does not ask about any drug, drinking, etc. But does include driving and legal history.

By the way, it took me literally, 20 seconds to find this on the internet using the search engine. It probably took you longer to type your post than it took me to do the research myself and get the information on my own. Let this be a little lesson to you to not throw your hands up so easily and say I do not know. This is WILL lead to your demise on probation if you get hired.

Good Luck!!!
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thank you for the information.