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Take the Mystery Out of Gifts

With the gift giving season upon us here are some tips on gift selection:

Four out of five men can?t remember what they got their partners for Christmas last year.

Sometimes gift giving is the ultimate test to find out if that special person really knows you. Relationships are made or broken on the strength of the right gift, especially if you have been totally disappointed previously. The dead-wrong gift can be a turning point in a relationship; the right-on gift can be a rebirth of a faltering relationship. The right gift is one that you take the time, trouble, and careful research to find and reflects your understanding of your special person?s interest.

Even when women drop hints to their guys, they still get disappointed when they don?t get the gift they really wanted. A lot of guys feel the pressure is on to perform the magic. Ladies, forget the thought if he really loved me he would know what I want.

End the misery.
Take the poison early.
Just tell him.

You?re the one responsible for getting the gifts that you want. I know it?s not romantic, but you must go beyond the hints that aren?t working and tell him you really want that big diamond ring.
If the gifts you want aren?t arriving consider these options:

Take your partner shopping and show him several possibilities. Then, be surprised which one you get.

Make sure your partner knows your sizes and the colors you like.

As one of my daughter-in-law leaves a store after seeing something she likes, she tells her husband, ?That was a medium.?

Make it known they if you?re not happy with a gift (and I?m sure they want you to be) it?s going back. If you don?t let it be known you?re liable to get something like again next year. Make sure you give instructions to get the return policy and gift receipt. It?s just another case that we need to have the training wheels on again.

If you have your partner with you, be careful what you say. He is not your girlfriend. My wife would say, ?That?s cute.? My guy radar would go on. I would come back later and get it. Now, she says, ?That?s cute. But don?t get it for me.?

If someone doesn?t come forward with the gift you want, as long as its not going to affect the national debt or put a burden on you to pay if off on plastic money, get it.

It was getting close to Christmas and Harriet asked me what I wanted. I just dropped some hints thinking she would figure it out. Under the tree appeared a big box, the size a computer comes in. On Christmas morning I started opening up the present with the anticipation of putting my manuscript on disc. Was I shocked, because in my computer box was a huge world atlas on a stand that lit up.

From the book Fire Up Your Communications Skills

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