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When I was 21(Im now 32) I got a misdemeanor for petty theft. Im now left wondering if this could possibly cost me my dream job. Of course I disclosed this as I have learned from this stupid mistake that I made when I had little direction in my life. I have since been a state lifeguard,emt,paramedic and now the dream of being a FF with LA city. Do you think this is still possible???

I would say it is definately possible. You seem to be going down the correct road. Never try to hide it. I waould say with the steps you have already taken, i.e. lifeguard, medic, etc, that it should not be a problem. LAFD can be very picky and tight, but I believe if you fully disclose it you should not have a problem.
Grab that BRASS RING with all you have

I work for the LAFD and I dont think it will be that big a problem if your just honest with the backround people and show them what you have done since learning from that mistake! Best of luck to you, its a great place to work!