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Firefighter Workout

Hey guys,

To all the guys that have trained for the position of FF and are in the process of training, I was just wondering what type workouts are you involved with, and what type of exercises do you do. Also, what does your cardio routine look like. I have been working for the past two years, and I have hit that plateou, and was just wondering what else to do. Any tips would be great.

Thanks guys.

I like to hit weights first, one body part each routine - legs, chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps (so 6 parts over 6 different days).

Then I move on to cardio. ALL of my cardio is done with a weight vest (usually about 80 pounds). I usually stick with just the Stair Climber and Elipticals for an intensive 10-20 minutes. I don't try running with the vest, try it just once and you'll see why. ;)

This routine helped me pass the CPAT the first time I took it and I'll be doing another CPAT in the next couple of months. Hope this helps.

I would try doing some interval training; some super setting (ss). Major muscle groups only. Go back and forth, no rest... to keep your heart rate up. Keep going up in reps or weight each set. Do the super set until you are exhausted... could be 8 or more sets sometimes:
10-40 pull-ups ss w/smith machine squats (work up to heavy)
10 Lat pulls ss w/ 20-40 walking lunges w/a 25 lb plate/hand
10 seated cable rows ss w/leg extensions (both heavy)
10 Hamstring curls ss w/50 bicycle abs.
Finish with 100 throwdowns, and abs 10 min.
Cardio, no weight vest on: sprint intervals. 25-35 minutes. Stretch.
Work up to: Weight Vest on: 20 (or more) pushups,1 min.step mill. Super set: no rest! 4-8 sets!
No vest: 10 reps pec press ss w/ 50 bicycle abs 4-8 sets!
Pec flies with 10 lb. dumbell between feet.
(You would lower the hand weights while you lower the weight between your feet to the floor: keep your back flat and your legs mostly straight... this uses abs and pec at the same time. It will also get your heart rate up.) Then stand up, go to the water fountain, get a drink -resting no more than 30 seconds... do 4-8 sets.

Elliptical with weight vest on. 20-30 minutes. You choose your weight in the vest.
25-50 Push ups ss/1 min jump rope: 15 min. No rest.
10-40 Pull ups ss/1 min jump rope: 15 min. No rest.
Finish with 10 minutes of abs.

Don't forget to stretch.
I would not use much time doing Biceps or Triceps. It's not very functional for your job. For great looking arms, yes, but not for your job. Shoulders is not a bad idea- most notably rotator cuff stuff to reduce the risk of injury!


Dr. Jen Milus, DC
Author of Fire it Up CPAT Training System
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