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Work out books

Dose any one have a recomendation for a book that will help me with work outs. Am not out of shape, but I was never in top shape, something with pic will help and with diets. I dont need it for passing a test more for a life time goal.

There is the Firefighters Workout book that is by an FDNY capt...its either here in the "shop" section or at firefighters bookstore in Huntington Beach Ca. DrJen off this website....she has a great program!!!!

The Men and Womens Firefighter Workout book by the Captain of FDNY is great! It has diet/eating plans, fitness goals, workout plans. The workout plans have pictures of how to perform each specific workout and the plans are broken down to each day of toning or strengthening your body. I am a female firefighter and I have used this book for my personal workout/diet program and I think it is great and I would recomend it to anyone since it is geared toword firefighters.

I agree with the other 2 suggestions I use that DVD at our station. Mens Health also puts out another GREAT one that's called the Testosterone Advantage, it has workouts for the home gym and the high dollar gym and has an eating plan that never leaves you hungry, and the best part is they aren't trying to plug one of their products, they don't try and sell you anything and they explain alot of nutritional facts and keep you interested it's not a typical sell my product put you to sleep workout program. Highly recommend it.

There is lots of free information out there.Read it.
There's some you pay for. In my eyes, the more information, the better.

Remember, my program, Fire it Up is meant to maximize your performance on the CPAT. And I took a look at the ergonomics of the job, and the injuries I have seen over the years in firefighters, and tried to compile a workout that took both of those aspects into consideration: performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Dr. Jen Milus, DC