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Vision Standards

I'm having trouble reaching clarity on this issue.
I know that it differs for each department, however most seem to adapt to the NFPA 1582 standard when it comes to vision.

The NFPA 1582 states, "Far visual acuity less than 20/40 binocular, corrected with contact lenses or spectacles, or far visual acuity less than 20/100 for wearers of hard contacts or spectacles, uncorrected", which is a disqualifying factor for the position of Firefighter.

My interpretation is that if one wears soft contact lenses, and his corrected vision is 20/40 binocular, then one would be clear, regardless of their uncorrected vision. However, the final clause of the above statement reads ",uncorrected"->and I worry that if one's binocular uncorrected vision is lower than the 20/100 prescription, the candidate is ineligible.

Also, are there any provisions for astigmatism that could disqualify a candidate even though, the astigmatism is correctable with soft contact lenses.

Any clarity that the staff could provide regarding vision standards would be very helpful. Thank you.