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Parking Tickets

First and foremost, I would like to thank everybody at and all the members who contribute their helpful advice to many prospective firefighters. My question is: Will parking tickets that I received for not putting enough money on the meter, or tickets for parking in an unauthorized zone show up in any record? I am assuming my driving record, but I got my CA DMV print out of my record and there are no parking tickets on it. Is there any way a dept. can dive further into my car/driving history to find out about these payed off tickets? And, where does a dept. get indepth information from?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
In brotherhood,

Your post gives the impression that you are planning on being less than truthful. I guarantee a background investigator will find out EVERYTHING about you.
Withholding information is the same thing as a lie.
Think carefully. Once you get caught in a lie, you are done for.
Paul Lepore
Battalion Chief

Yeah, Chief Lepore is right. Its better to tell your background investigator as much as you can. The key is to be honest. If you screwed up in the past, let them know, and also stress to them how much you have learned from those old mistakes. I was in the same boat as you were a couple of years ago. I had some tickets that I hadn't paid until they had doubled in fines. I paid the fines and documented the incidents on paper. When I was hired as a Firefighter out here in Colorado, when asked by my background investigator about driving record, tickets, ect., I let them know about this parking ticket ordeal. I was honest with them. I told them that in the midst of being in Paramedic school, the ticket got brushed away with some of my other bills. I let them know that as soon as I realized that it needed to be taken care of, I was on it, and had it promptly fixed. So, if you haven't paid the parking tickets yet, pay them. If you have paid them, great. These dept.s are generally accepting of your past mistakes-everyone makes some in their life-as so long as you don't try to conceal or hide them. Try and stress how you have learned from your past experiences, and have since adopted a new sense of responsibility and outlook for important things in life. Again, be honest. Good luck in your future endeavours. Getting hired is LIVING THE DREAM.
Rob Hulse