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Family Stress/Coping Survey

As part of a college class, I have been given an assigment when I have to conduct a survey. If anyone would care to answer the following questions, I would be happy to include your comments. I will only enter your first name, state in which your reside and please indicate the location in that state where you reside in general California, Northern Nevada...etc etc.

Thank you folks

In regards to the job of firefighter (all ranks) and how it relates to your families, what three job situations/conditions place the greatest amount of stress on your families?

How do you and your families manage this stress?

Along the lines of stress management with your mate, do you ?date your mate???.In others words, how often do you and your mate go out on dates? Is this a date scheduled ahead of time? What activates? Trips? Overnighters?

Are there family goals or does your family operate on a day-to-day basis? For instance, is number one daughter playing volleyball or softball in order to win a scholarship to college? Number two son working on being an Eagle Scout? Mate attending college working on a psych degree? Is everyone working together or are they all going off on their own?

Please enable your PM and I will gladly provide my information to assist you!

Thank you.

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