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Paramedic National Registry Test

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone knew of a National Registry test here in California that is open still for October? Ive checked the NREMT web site and all are either filled up or not until November. I only need to retest a couple of skills. Any help would be greatly appreciated! As I want to finish up so I can get so I can start working as a Medic!
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The only open National Registry exam I know of is in Lake Forest on October 27th. Deadline to apply is October 6th. You can contact Madelyn Picascio at (949) 452-0606. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the information. This should help out!
"Adapt and over come, As Dreams do come true"!

I proctor the NREMT exam for Paramedics at UCLA Daniel Freeman, check to find test dates, i know for a fact there are ones in Aug, and sept, since i am working those, but we have been doing one a month all year, so i dont see why there wont be one in october, good luck!