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CDF Examination

Is CDF's examination still based 100% on training and experience? Thanks I've been out of the loop for few years.

Yep, For Firefighter it is an interview an application, For Engineer it is strictly experience and education. How many certificates you have is basically how you will rank. Captain and above is application, test, and interviews...
Thanks, Jake White

does anyone know how to get a wildland card without taking 3 semester long classes. this is the only thing holding me back from getting a job with CDF. i would really love the chance to work for one of the best fire services in the nation.
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You shouldn't need 3 semester long classes for wildland certification. The National standard is S130 Basic firefighter, S190 Intro to wildland fire behavior and I100 Intro to ICS. This group of classes is commonly known as the basic 32 because they are usually taught together as a 32-40 hour class. CDF has their version which they call a 67 hour academy. Unless you are taking them 2 hours a week it shouldn't take more than 1-2 weeks to complete the training. Check with your local CDF for details on a 67 hour academy, BLM, US Forest Service, National Park Service or US Fish & Wildlife should be able to help you locate a basic 32 class.