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ocfa seasonal handcrew

Wanted to know if anyone out there knows the type shift the Seasonl Hand Crew (General Laborer) with OCFA works.Was going to check out at El Toro sta 52,but they are no longer there,and wanted to know if they have been relocated.Thanks for any input.Dan-0

Yes, we moved to Camp 18 aka. Station 18.

Right now we are currently on are winter schedule which is a 6 man crew staffed monday through thursday. During the fire season we staff a 11 man crew 7 days a week for a 10 hour shift. Normally we'll have 22 on the roster and have 2 squads that rotate through the shifts.

Hope this helps.
good luck and happy new year.

Thanks BigBoy for info,i do appreciate it very much.If you get a chance i sent you a PM,hope to hear back.Thanks Dan-0