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National Registry Re-registration EMT

Does anyone have any suggestions for courses that would be approved by NREMT for recertification?

If you live in socal, there is an emt recert class given by OCFA Captain Craig Cambell. The next one is in April and it is Fri, Sat, Sun. It's a fun class and the cost is $125. PM me if you need the contact info. I just took it and there were people with NRemt there.

Thanks Goose, I took my 24 hour refresher course with Paramedic Fred Miller at Valley Presbyterian Hospital. Now I have to acquire 48 MORE hours just to maintain my National Registry Card. I have my County Card, But I've been testing out of state alot lately and the NREMT comes in handy. I was wondering if anyone knew if any of my Fire Academy Certs would count toward my CE's? HazMat? AutoEX?
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For the emt you might want to check It's one wesite I've heard of that you can get ce's online. A lot of people from class with NRemt were going the online route for their remaining ce's. Good luck.

I'm not sure why, but it's not letting me PM you. Do you still have Captain Campbell's contact info?