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Hello all brothers and sisters,
If you are interested in a healthy body, which us in the fire service need to be, as well as maintain a healthy body throughout our career. Then you need to learn about and start taking, Mona-Vie Active.... Its as simple as going to MyMonaVie.Com/ShaneN to learn all you need to know in order to start a healthy living. If you dont already know about it then you better start because millions are already reaping the benifits from this drink. Again MyMonaVie.Com/ShaneN cant wait to talk to you..

I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings here. But there's more to this story. The following is my opinion.

Here's a link to a web site about Mona Vie:

On this blog, I commented below:

I was pitched this product by a patient of mine. They were offended when I declined to answer. I guess I should not have hesitated, but I wanted to spare their feelings. I have good reason for my decision.

I have researched it, and found no placebo double blind studies to substantiate any of Mona Vie's health claims. Considering that half of every treatment's outcome can be attributed to placebo, I am inclined to think that any fruit juice in concentrate might "make you feel good". But, these rapid "results" are quite possibly from the fructose and the resultant sugar high.

When I tried it, I felt no different. But, I eat extremely well. People who don't eat well might notice a difference because to them anything is better than where they were when they started.

I have been hit with alot of uninformed (sales) people trying to pedal supplements that are not any good. I can't make any judgement about that here. The doctors involved here might have done some reaserch. But I have not been shown what the value of it is, or where it is published in any peer reviewed medical journals. Can you guys help me out here? I'd love to see it! A Bunch of sales reps don't cut it for me.

The pamplet and DVD I got were very informative to the average Joe Blow. But, I have studied some nutrition. Plus, I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. On the nutritional label, there is little to no information or claims about these "scads" of antioxidents it contains. But, the FDA would come down on them pretty hard if those things weren't actually found in the sweet red juice, right?

At $45 a bottle, I choked. I searched and found a similar supplement called Acai Plus at They sell their concoction for $14 a bottle (if you buy 6- but WHAT FOR?). And the recommended amount is half as much as the Mona Vie. I wonder why? Their nuritent label doesn't tell me a whole lot either.

This past winter, I went to the rainforest in Brasil where the acai berry is grown. This place is rich with medicine men and aboriginal people who use thousands of different herbs, plants and potions to cure anything and everything. They don't have much in the way of a healthcrae system there. I figured if they knew the secret of the magical acai berry, they would be glad to share it with me. I traveled 200 miles up the reo negro and up the amazon river far into the jungle. We got off the boat and I asked every town's medicine man about the magical berry. They laughed. They drink it like it's cool aide, and say it has no special properties besides good taste.

In Manaus, the big city there, they can buy acai berry juice for $2/gallon. I decided not to buy it and bring it back to my friends, as the nuritional value was not enough for me to carry a gallon jug of it... no matter how yummy it is (and it is!) That's a far cry from $45 for a wine bottle size.

I am ethically against multilevels. They so often prey on the uninformed consumer, and "arm" them "research" and "proof", with the promises of riches beyond their wildest dreams. Only the "research" and the "proof" are just great tactic. They get them to market useless, overpriced stuff to more people just like themselves. They don't know any better, and this kind of thing propogates. A few get rich, but most just get scammed.

I know many people who have been involved in MLMs, and offended their friends by becoming emotionally attached to whether or not their friends chose to participate in their money making scheme. This changed their friend pool. They ended up in a friend pool of people in the MLM who had nothing else in common, and distanced from people who might truly have cared about them. I find that if I truly try to help as many people as I can with things I really believe in, that have shown themselves to me to be valuable, through careful research and clinical application, They get help, and I get satisfaction. The money is a separate issue, and it's best that way.

Besides all of that, have we not just had the glucose revolution? Did we not just go through unanswered carbs, fructose (high fructose corn syrup)and glusoce sending our bodies into fat storage machines by kicking off the insulin reaction? Have we not read books like "The Glycemic revolution"? This miracle is all unanswered carbs. Could it make you store fat? Hmmmmm. Just a thought.

I guess that's my 2 cents worth.

Dr. Jen Milus, DC
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LOL WOW Jen tell us how you really feel! In all seriousness.....Thanks! great to get information from a professional!

Big Daddy Fire,
I know I get on a soap box somtimes. I just want you guys to be armed with information when it comes to your pocketbook.
Take care, Man!

Dr. Jen Milus, DC

This stuff sounds a lot like Xango. A juice drink for about the same price that came from the amazing mangostein fruit. Another fruit that came from exotic places and had the same properties. A friend of mine tried selling the stuff and luckily doesn't do so anymore because it's a scam. Go eat some fruit, vegetables, and drink some tea and get the same antioxidants and nutrients.

Wild Goose:
Yes, same stuff, different spelling. That's my opinion. I hope he didn't bug anyone, and kept all his friends. We all know they mean more than any amount of money... :)
Dr. Jen Milus, DC