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how to be a good emt/medic

Hello, I haven't posted on here before, but I use for daily searches for "the job"

My name is Andy by the way. My question is How do I be a good emt/medic. My goal is to be a good firefighter paramedic. someday. .. I don't know if I can ask another question but here it goes.. I'm basically a horrible test taker. everytime i test its like 3 or 4 points better than the original score. Is it cause I'm stupid or just lazy? or not reading correctly? I would appreciate some words of wisdom so that I can get myself back on track.

Thanks for you're time
Andy ;p
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Testing for the job of Firefighter, or Firefighter Paramedic can be very frustrating. It can take many years of testing for one to be hired. I don't know what methods you are using to prepare for the written tests you are taking, but I do have some suggestions for you. You may want to try and get ahold of some firefighter test study guides. These can be purchased at many major book stores under the study guides section. Studying these books will point you in the right direction, as well as prepare you for the frequently used style of questions, used by certain departments. Passing a written test is not the only thing you should concern yourself with either. Once you pass the written test for a department, you will need to prepare for the physical test, the interview, and whatever else they will put you through. As far as an answer for your first question is concerned,
here is my answer: You become a profecient EMT and later, a Paramedic by- #1 studying your material, and #2 by putting what you've learned in school into practice. You will not be some great EMT or Paramedic overnight. It takes time for all of us in this field to be "good." Remeber this: You are only as good as your last call. This should keep you humble and in rememberance of why we are doing this job in the first place. I hope post has helped you out a little. Feel free to PM me on this site if you have any other questions man. Later. Livin' the Dream, Rob
Livin'the Dream, RH


Becoming a good test taker is a lengthy process that involves studying for Fire Dept tests as you would for a final exam or mid-term exam. Math, Reading Comprehension, Mechanical Aptitude, `read`ing maps, etc... Barron's and Norman Hall's are two names that you should research online. These individuals have study guide's for Fire Department tests. They dont give you the answers to tests, but they get your motor going and steer you in the right direction. Some Departments base their tests on Firefighting knowledge and skills. Its a good idea to attend a Pre-Service Fire Academy and Network with other people in your situation.

As far as becoming a Good EMT, you need experience. Volunteer at your local Fire Department as a Reserve. Work for an Ambulance Company that responds to 911 calls and is usually busy. Once you get your feet wet you'll begin to realize that all the stuff you learned in EMT school can be applied to real life situations. You usually will not become a Paramedic unless you have paid your Dues as an EMT. That often means working 6 months full time for an Ambulance company or a year part-time.

Talk to Firefighter Paramedics about their jobs. Its not very hard to visit a Fire Station after 2p.m. and ask the Captain on Duty if you could speak to a Firefighter or Firefighter Paramedic about their pursuit of a Career in the Fire Service. Just remember to be polite, direct, and humble about being given the opportunity to be in the FireHouse.

Hope this Helped......

mace engine 112
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