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Full time job vs Reserve

I am currently working full time as an emt. I work on the 24 hour Kelly schedule out of a fire house. I have been having conflicts with my job and my reserve position. It has caused me to lose shifts and money. I know that being a reserve is a great resume builder, but I need to make the rent. What do you guys think I should do? I am afraid that if I leave my reserve position it will look bad on my resume.

both are great. my friend was an emt who went through the academy and now hes with LBFD. im looking to get into the reserves with OCFD

OCFA-orange county fire authority, not dept.

yes your right OCFA


How demanding is it being a reserve FF? What are the hours and days like? Because I'm thinking of becoming a reserve but I also have a full time job.

Talk to your reserve coordinator. Let him or her know what is going on. When I was a reserve I had a full time job working on the Hand Crew (VCFD)but had to work 3 shifts a month to fullfill my reserve status. I had to bidd for shifts do to some of the resevers had time and got the days I was always off it seemed. I talked to my reserve coordinator and was able to work with another reseve. Working on the Truck or RA to keep my status as a reserve active. It was a Great Experience and I was able to get my FF I and FF II State Cert out of it. Thank you CCFD.

Just my 2 cents ??? ;)
All eyes are on you no matter how much time you have on.

Wow tough predicament. How long have you been a reserve? If you have served at least a year and the coordinator gives you a solid recommendation I would think that the reason for leaving being financial hardship would be something that most departments would be able to understand/identify with. This from a fellow reserve who works two jobs as well. 40hrs at my fulltime job and two 24's and two 48's a month. I can definitely identify with your situation, good luck!

I agree with the fact that you should talk to your reserve coordinator. However, as good a resume builder as a reserve position can be, it does not supplement rent. If you lose money because of it, and nothing else can be worked out through the department coordinator, then the MORE responsible move is to keep your full time job to pay rent and bills. You don't want to go to a reserve job, lose money then fall behind in your bills and possibly lower your credit rating.

Another thing to consider is the amount of time you've been a reserve. If you have multiple years experience as a reserve, then I don't think it will look that bad on your resume if you had to leave that position when another opportunity came along (working full-time as an EMT for a fire dept). On the other hand, leaving your reserve position after only a few months shows less committment.
Of course, follow RingDown's advice and see if your reserve coordinater will work with you. I was in your exact situation and was able to do both, but not without help from others.

It is important to honor your commitments. Failing to pay your rent on time will hurt you severely in the BI.
On the other hand, working as a reserve firefighter or AO in a fire station will greatly enhance your chances of GETTING HIRED. Afterall, this is your ultimate goal.
You are better off not getting involved in a reserve program if you cannot honor your commitment. Being involved and getting a poor recommendation is very difficult to overcome.
Paul Lepore
Battalion Chief