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Begining a Career

Hello everyone,

I was refered to this board by a firefighter (his screename is FFAZ) because i have become increasingly interested in pursuing a career as a firefighter. I graduated high school last year, and i've been trying out college. College is not something i'm really passionate about, and i want a career that will be satisfying.

I know that the first step i need to do is become EMT-B certified, then hopefully get into a fire academy. However, i won't be able to start the EMT-B class until August 07. What can i do over the summer to inhance the begining of my fire career? I was planning to work out and get my body back into tip top shape ( i played foootball for four years in high school) and take a Medical terminology class over the summer. Any suggestions of else i can do? Thanks everyone.

One more thing, i was suspened from high-school for half a day, but it was nothing serious. I tried to call my girlfriend out of another school, but i was caught. I took the necessary punishment (8hrs communtiy service) and i ended up becoming good friends with the office staff. Would that have any effect on becoming a FF? I've never been in trouble with the law, never smoked, never drunk, i've never even had a parking ticket. Thanks.

Enroll in fire sci. classes as soon as possible and try to keep the girlfriends at bay...Im pretty sure you wont have a problem getting one while trying to become a firefighter. Also, Im sure you have a clean past and present.....but you ultimately have controo of your future. If you really want to become an FF, you'll do anything it takes. Surround yourelf with like minded folks. I hope the other comrades on here will agree. Dont give up man!!