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I am really having a hard time right now. I am looking for support and any information. My husband is an incredible man. We have been together for about 10 years and in that time he has actively been pursuing a career as a firefighter. The process has had its highs and lows. I feel (and I think that he would agree) that I have been supportive but as many of you know it is a difficult process. Well, he was finally hired by a great fire department in So. Cal. Our dreams had come true. The academy has proved to be a difficult process in many ways and I have watched my husband give his all. A few weeks ago, he (along with 7 others) was recommended for termination. We were both devastated. He and I had felt that he was prepared for the process. He did well in most areas but was having problems with test anxiety when it came to the manipulative testing. He said over and over that he would do perfect during practice but then seem to have some difficulty during the graded time. Anyway, since being recommended for termination he has had to call into the department everyday to see if there is a final word on what is going to happen to him. Will he be terminated? or is there a glimmer of hope that he will be recycled? Not knowing the outcome of this has been incredibly difficult. I understand that there is a decision to be made but I really just want to know our destiny. My husband is shattered and the waiting process is horrible! I wonder if the fire department realizes or takes into consideration that these are people and not just files that are placed on their desks. The process of trying to gain a rewarding career as a firefighter is excruciating and in my opinion in human from beginning to end. Should my husband be looking for another job? Should he continue to apply for fire jobs? What will happen to our insurance? I just want to know so that we can move on either way. I hope and pray that the department recycles my husband and gives him another chance. I firmly believe that he would be an asset to their department.

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