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Paramedic School

Hey all, I am in bind. I am in paramedic school now. I am about 3 months in and right now i am in a slump. Any pointers on study techniques? I am having a hard time with EKGs, i know its all practice. Didnt know if anybody had any suggestions for doing well? or websites? thanks



Paramedic school is rough for everyone. It is by far the hardest thing I've ever done. Have you tried staying after school and asking for help from the instructors? I don't know what school you go to but, when I wen to Daniel Freeman the instructors would stay after class for 3-4 hours to help you. They are a great resource that should be used. Have you made study groups with the rest of your peers. We used to meet at Starbucks and study there all day. It really helped for me to bounce ideas off other students. As far as EKG's go the best I've seen for that would be
a book authored by Dale Dubin. I believe it's titled Rapid Interpitation of EKG's. Great book and easy to read. I hope this helps. Good luck