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Hello I am Petty Officer Slipich stationed currently in the Middle East. I Was wondering if it would be possiable for me to recieve your local department t shirt to wear over here as a reminder to my self of home. I do not have any shirts or patches to trade my self, but i would greatly appreciate your support. Thanks Matt

SW2(SCW) Slipich
APO-AE 09337
SW2(SCW) Slipich

Petty Officer Slipich, I would like to get you a tee shirt from my department. What city and state do you you live in? Also, enable your PM.

Thanks I appreciate it. I am from Oxnard CA. I will figure out how to turn on my PM we are on a network over here. Once again thanks a million...Matt

The address on my first post is how i recieve mail. the city is apo and the state is ae.
SW2(SCW) Slipich