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Volunteer PAT

Just did a physical agility test this weekend for a local volunteer dept. One thing I found was that I bolted out of the start and by the time I got to the end I was puffing pretty good. I should have paced myself a bit more.

I also had the air pack too high up my back so I couldn't lift my head up without my helmet hitting the top of it...this was a pain when climbing a 24' ladder.

I have been working on my fitness for a little while now and am building up my cardio endurance. This PAT was a good eye opener for me so now I know that a lot of this stuff is technique.

Sooooo much of it is technique. That's exactly why the practice tests are there. It takes less than half the amount of energy to drag a dumby the rigth way, that is does to do it the wrong way... oh, and the injuries....

I am glad you learned some good stuff...
Dr. Jen Milus, DC