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Patelllar Tendonitis

I gpt a great question the other day... thought I'd share it with you guys/gals as it's pretty common...


I have patellar tendonitis. I saw a post were you recommend glucosamine sulfate for tendon repair. I have had a patella tendon issue now for several months and it's really getting to be a drag. Doc(s) say it's over use and a combination of an injury. I injured my knee a while back, kneeling on something hard, and it?s never been the same since.

I have done all the usual, ice, heat, ibuprofen. It has gotten better, but not 100%. I have recently seen a physical therapist. She used ultra sound-that really seems to help. Any suggestions on supplements or anything?

Patellar tendonitis
Patellar Tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendon that runs from above your knee cap, contains your patella (knee cap) and runs to the top of your tibia. Above, it becomes the quadriceps muscles. This type of inflammation can come from several things. A blunt force trauma to the knee cap could cause it. Over use from running or jumping can cause it. Excessive weight training can cause it. But- many times it?s from a muscle imbalance.
What can we do that is easy, cheap, and drug free?
Seeing your family doctor is a good idea- just to make sure there is nothing orthopedically wrong: no ACL, MCL or meniscus tears. Once you know the joint tissues are in tact, there?s stuff you should do for them so they can train through this injury! We have no time for injuries!
Break the inflammatory Process:
Dixie Cup icing:
?2-6 times a day. Morning and evening at least. The more the better.
?Leave at least 20 minutes between icings.
?Go to the store, and get a box of Dixie cups. Fill about 12 with water and freeze them. When you are ready to ice, take one out, peel away the top of the cup so you can hold the cup at the bottom, and ice cube is above the torn edge.
?Put the leg up, so the leg is almost straight, and a towel behind it. This gives the water a place to drain.
?Set a timer for exactly 5 minutes. Put that ice cube directly on the skin. Circle the knee cap on the soft tissue around it. Focus on the area just under the knee cap where swelling tends to gather. Keep circling until the timer goes off: 5 minutes. Stop.
?First you will feel cold, then pain, then numbness. Don?t stop until 5 minutes are up!
?Use this every time after you ice.
?This is a homeopathic cream/gel remedy I use for inflammation and sports injuries. I know for sure they carry it at Whole Foods and other health food stores.
?Use the same amount as if it were toothpaste, and you really enjoyed the flavor of it. Rub it all over the knee, knee cap and joint. Do not wash it off.
?Put more on before you go to bed!
?You can keep it with you. It works really well!
Re-build the cartilage:
?Take Glucosamine Sulfate. 1200 mg/day.
?There was a book written on this stuff called ?The Arthritis Cure?. Read it if you like. It says that studies show it works and has no side effects. Let?s face it, young or old, arthritis and wearing away of cartilage is the same thing.
?No, you can?t get enough GAS in a normal healthy diet. Keep taking it even after feeling better.
?Don?t buy Glucosamine HCL. Studies show it does NOT work.
?Don?t bother with Chondroitin Sulfate. It works for some, but there are no placebo double blind studies out there showing that it works. There?s testimony and anecdotal ?proof?. NOT GOOD ENOUGH for me.
Change the Tracking of the Knee cap:
?Ride a bike 3 times a week for 20 minutes on flat ground. The seat should be high enough that the knee is straight in the down position. Keep moving your feet the entire time.
?Using a stationary bike is even better. Use light tension.
?Follow with icing and traumeel
Once you start to feel a little better, Leg lifts:
?Lay on your back with your legs straight out. Turn your injured leg toe out and raise the straight leg until your leg comes up 75% of the way (about 25 % down from pointing at the ceiling).
?Do this with just the weight of the leg at first. Then put 2 soup cans in 2 tube socks, and tie the top ends together wrap them around your ankle, and use this for resistance.
?Start with 2 sets of 10 reps and work up to 4 sets of 20.
If you are old enough to go to the gym, then:
Leg extensions in the last 15 degrees of extension.
?This works the medial quad. This can change the tracking problem very fast!
?Start with your leg straight. Bend Go from barely bent to slightly straight and back again. Don?t force it into hyperextension!
?Start with a relatively light weight (10-20 lbs), and only ever progress to a medium-light weight (30-40 lbs)!
?Start with 2 sets, 1 minutes rest between. Do 10 reps.
?You can work up to 6 sets, with 1 minutes rest between.

be safe!

Dr. Jen Milus, DC

Hey just to let you all know....DrJens advice worked for me and my knee!!! Tahnks again DrJen


I know this is off the subject. What are your thoughts on the treatment for plantar fasciitis? I've heard it takes a "long time" for this type of condition to heal. And how does one stay physically fit despite this condition? Thanks.

I know this amazing doctor in Palo Alto California who does a fascia release technique called Grostic. (I think that's how you spell it). Her name is Rikke Johansson. She can get rid of ir really fast. She's amazing. Yeah, it can take a while to get that problem better... unless you see her.[url=][/url]

Short of going and getting help, I think it could be sverela months to get better.

If the mean time, you can do weight training:
Interval training/circuit training/super setting with things that get your heart rate up. Here are some ideas:

Always warm up before and stretch afterwards.
Do a super set 2-3 times through the circuit. As you work, you may be able to do a circuit for 15 minutes.

Super set/circuit 1:
Pull ups (I go ro failure)
50 bicycle abs
Leg extensions

Super set/circuit 2:
25-50 push ups
stationary bike/recumbant/unless it hurts: 2 minutes
Seated Hamstring curls

Super set/circuit 3:
Wall ball squats 10 seconds down, 10 seconds up
standing on 1 leg* while doing over head dumbell press
Lat pulls sitting up straight; to chest

*Yes, you would do half of the set on 1 leg, and half of the set on the other leg.

Dr. Jen Milus, DC
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