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Biddle Test


I was wondering if anyone knows of the next Biddle test in Southern California and where it is? I am waiting to hear back from Rio Hondo and Santa Ana does not have any new dates posted. Please help me out. Thanks for your time.

Garrett Maestri

SAC will not have another biddle test until the new semester. You can
find the schedule here -

Rio Hondo has a biddle the second Saturday of each month. Cost is

I don't know of any other places in SoCal that conduct a biddle exam.

Good luck.
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THANK YOU so much!

I will get started on it tomorrow.

Garrett Maestri

What is a biddle test.

The Biddle is a physical agility test. I do not know if they have the test in Las Vegas or not. Many departments require you to have a Biddle or CPAT. A CPAT is a candidate physical agility test. Look online at Santa Ana College's website. Type biddle in the search and it should pop up. Have anymore questions send me a message.

Garrett Maestri
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The Biddle PAT is the forerunner of the CPAT in California.

Google Biddle and Associates Physical Ability Test for the discription of the events and history.

Best wishes.