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Hello everyone:
i just have a question to everyone who are with CAL FIRE or have been on an interview with the department. I just got an interview with them and i need some help actually all the help i can get. i really want the job and its my first time getting an interview with them. I want to know what kind of question they ask during the interview and any advice i can get Please help me.

Congrats on your interview. I wish you luck. I dont want to give the questions away but there are some things you should look at prior to the interview. For instance understand what the job is IE Firefighter one discription also be sure you are solid on chain of command and what you would do in a moral delema. Safety and physical fitness are key to mention and understand prior to the interview. As Well as what you have done to prepare for the interview and the Job of firefighter one. Try to stick to these things and have solid answers for all of them and you should do fine. Congrats again and if you get the job im sure you will like it and have lots of fun. Ps dont be a LOP