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fire Courses in the valley?

Im' having trouble locating any good places to get certs and courses. I want to take the 67 hr wildland but can't find anywhere. I live in Sacramento so if anybody knows any websites or any place i can get these certs please let me know


Give these people a shot:

California Fire & Rescue Training Authority, Sacramento
4427 Dudley Boulevard - McClellan, CA 95652
Phone: (916)640 1420

Butte College offers FSC 18 Wildland.

Best wishes
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La Positas College in Livermore offers the 67-hour as a part of the Summer Wildland curriculum.

Best of luck
Career Firefighter- Bay Area, CA

East Contra Costa Fire Protection District

offers most of the NWCG Wildland Courses

Check our site for current listings.