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emt class nights and weekend

does anyone know of any emt classes that are nights and or weekends only? i live in orange county if that helps

I have the same question but for Ventura County. I am looking into getting into a class this summer to be able to attend the Jan Fire Academy
SW2(SCW) Slipich

I took mine over the summer of 2007 at North Orange County ROP, Mon, Tues, & Thurs from 5pm to 10pm. I paid $20 (that can be waived if you don't have a job) plus books. It's a pretty good deal. Here's a link:

The homepage is

I'm not sure what part of Orange County you are from, but there are other ROP in different locations. You should search for them. Hope that helps.

Yep. Email for info or send me an email. I can forward the class info to you.