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Lateral department movement

Hey guys,

How easy is it to lateral to another carrerr dept, once your in a career dept. (If you have a good reputation in your current dept and are just looking for a change in venue?)


I was a lateral into my current department and I am not sure about "easy", I mean, it was in some ways, but can also be more difficult as well.

1) You still have to take the same test and pass all the same stuff as everyone else applying, but if you are testing for a "lateral" position, there tends to be a lot less applicants than your standard open/entry level exam.

2) The new department would want to know why you left the old one. Was it because of problems, money, different scenery, etc.?

3) Your experience may stand out during the hiring process, which may help you, but, once you do get hired, throw out everything you learned at your prior department and be prepared to sponge up new information.

4) Do not come into your new department as a guy who has been there, done that and is too good to "play the game". Remember, your reputation starts new with the new employer so go back to rookie mode and kick butt. Lateral employees some times have a hard time with this, especially with those on your new department who have less overall fire experience than yourself.

5) Make sure it is what you want to do. Remember, you are leaving job security to be on probation again. It is a chance and you need to have faith in yourself that you can get it done.

Good Luck!!!

Thank you so much.

You have good insight.