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in am EMT tough spot

I am on an iso 2 fire department that does not run medical, we are all first responders, however I need to relocate to another city and there is an emt requirement. My current department won't work with the class schedule and I can't apply at the new one without my EMT. Has anyone run into this before or have any ideas as to how I can get that cert. without quiting my current job?

I don't really have enough information to give you a complete answer, however, I think I understand the question.

I will tell you this:
It's much easier to land a firefighter position as a firefighter, rather than an aspiring firefighter. In other words, think twice before quitting your day job.

EMT is a pretty basic course. Why not take it on your days off?
Paul Lepore
Battalion Chief

the fastest couse i know of is in long bea ch, ca which runs for 3 weeks. fast paced but only help i can offer.