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IFSAC cert good in California?

I am going to start looking for open tests as well as get my EMT and FF certs. I looked at this site and they have what look like some pretty good programs. Their FF academy covers FF1 & 2, as well as Haz Mat awarness and operations. The EMT is EMT-B.

I just need to know from someone in Cali if these certs will be valid here before I enroll. I sent in an email asking if they were CA certified and the reply was long, but in essence it said:
I can get my FF certification (NFPA 1001). The are approved by Texas (facility #151). Texas is an International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) state.

So does being approved by the IFSAC transfer into CA? From what I have seen, I think I will need something that is approved by a CA Fire Marshall.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Yes and no,

the Department of Defense uses their own certification system which has reciprocity with IFSAC and NPQS / Proboard. So you could use the IFSAC certs to get hired at a military base fire department in California or elsewhere (civilian FF, you don't have to join the military).

If the EMT is National Registry, that shouldn't be a problem to be certified in California.

The Hazmat I'm not sure but I think you can make that work. CSTI does the hazmat in CA and has been Proboard for several years now, not sure about IFSAC. Worst case Proboard and IFSAC have reciprocity so it may take some effort but you could probably get your Hazmat over to Proboard which would then be recognized in California.

California does not have reciprocity with any other state or certification organization for firefighter classes.

However IFSAC and Proboard both meet NFPA 1001 and the training requirements are the same as California. You can not take your IFSAC FF1 & FF2 and get direct reciprocity, but if you are in a department in California they can use the training towards the CA FF1 & FF2 (California's training requirements are essentially the same as the NFPA 1001 requirements).

With a letter from your Chief stating you have completed the appropriate training and the time requirements you can receive your CA FF1 & FF2.
This is not true for Fire Officer courses as California has considerably more hours of required training than the NFPA standard.

If you do not belong to a department it is just a piece of paper saying you have been to a non-CSFM approved academy. That is not really a terrible thing, you will still have the experience of an academy, you just won't qualify for any jobs that require a CSFM approved academy.

If you have any interest in working outside California those IFSAC certs can be helpful, as California certs are not recognized outside of California. You can check their website but IFSAC is used by 20-30 states.

If you really only want to work in California your time and money are probably better spent on an academy in California.
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Thanks a ton AFed,

That was some of the most helpful info that I have received in a while. I was told that because CA FF standards are so high, that they were recognized by many other states. Sounds like CA is its own island so to speak.

The issue here is, I am not sure whether I want to remain in CA or not. And over the next few years, i figure that I am going to move around a little if possible. Meaning living in a couple of different states in this great country.

So it sounds like I may be best getting the IFSAC certifications, and then proving myself in CA if that is where I find myself...?

However, with moving it is my understanding that you start all over again. Meaning you could be an engineer at one station, and then move and test at a new station all-over. No transferring, and then you would have to go through probation again and be at the bottom of the totem pole? Not complaining, wouldnt do any good if I did, just want to know so that I can plan accordingly.

Again, I appreciate your great input.