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Chabot vs LMC

Hey Everyone,

I am signing up for classes for next semester and am trying to decide between these two schools in the Bay Area. I have heard great things about Chabot but I live closer to LMC, unfortunately I haven't been able to find any feedback about the school.

Hoping anyone could help if they went to either or know their reputations better.


You are more likely to get feedback in the open forum. I recently joined this site, and have found that the open forum gets more views and actual schools like to post here.

Sorry, but I am also just getting started and cannot help you out really. I am looking to get my EMT and FF1 cert soon and think I will have to move out of SF to do the FF for sure.

As you can tell, I may be a little biased towards Chabot in a positive way, but I do think we have a good solid program. Folks on the board can correct me if they think differently. The open forum is a good suggestion as I (like many others) rarely look at this section. The Chabot name caught my eye.

I think you're taking the right approach. For more information about Chabot's fire program, check out our website at

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me or call me on my cell phone - both are on our website.

Steve Prziborowski
Battalion Chief