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CA Fire Academies

Does anyone know of any fire academies that are held during the summer?

If your in SoCal I would check...Santa Ana College, Glendale College, Rio Hondo College, and Mt Sac College
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San Pasqual Reservation Fire Dept. Has a SFM accredited fire academy. It is also the only fire academy in Ca. to have a IFSAC accreditation. The web site is The academy is 13 weeks long and if sucessful you will recieve 22 SFM and NWCG certs as well as the CDF 67-hr. cert. The next cl*ss starts on Jan. 11th. San Pasqual will hold 3 academies in 2010. My e-mail is or contact me at (760)522-7971 or (760) 749-7542
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Do you or does anyone offer anything in the evening (after 3PM) or on the weekends? I'm a school teacher, father of three, and the sole provider in my family.
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