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Wildland Fire? or EMT?

I am trying to find the best method of getting my foot in the door as a firefighter. I will be going to CIEMT for my EMT cert beginning March 20th. I was wondering if it would be more beneficial to try and apply for a seasonal firefighter position or to use work as an EMT after finishing the program? Kern county is taking apps. for the 09' season. It pays about $5 an hour less than I make now. So my question is if I should apply for the seasonal position or work as an EMT while I try and test as much as possible? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I would go for your EMT and try for a volunteer fire position. Then you can get both.

Thank You sir your input is greatly appreciated.

Your welcome. Also if you post this on the open forum you will have more people see this thread and give there input.

I think that it would be best to put in for both and see if you even get a job offer either way. Working as a seasonal firefighter will get you into the network and doing the job that you want. Unless you are planning on going to medic school you don't need to go straight to the "bus". I have no idea what a seasonal firefighter does(compared to Cal Fire) in Kern County but when you factor in OT if you go on strike teams the hourly difference won't hurt as bad. You have nothing to lose for putting apps at both places and nothing to decide until they say they want you. Good luck and giving yourself as many options as possible will help get you on track.