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another emt question

I found a website for unitek college which offers a 2 week EMT boot camp down in california. Has anyone ever heard of this and if so, what was your impression?

in my opinion way too soon. no way you can pass the registry.

Thanks for your opinion. I'll really take it into consideration.

I have gone through the program,it is an excellent class,with good instructors.There is a lot of info to be learned within 2 weeks,however they do prep you for the National Registry test.The practical is done on site,then you schedule where you want to take the computer based written test.I know many students who have passed the first time around,The written test is hard for both experienced EMTs and new students.Unitek also offers a free refresher class if you dont pass the first time,I would contact the school for more information,if you are looking to fast track your learning this is one of the best 2 week programs.Everything is done on-site,classes,hotel rooms,meals for a reasonable price