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EMT Cert. WA State

Im wondering if anyone knows of a good EMT course (other than the ones provided at local community colleges) in Washington State; Seattle area?

Are there any schools for EMT that are an exclusive EMT program; where there are options for class times and days? (Class on Sat. is a problem for me because I have to work)?

Thanks For Your Input!

For King County your only options are North Seattle CC (class used to be 3 days a week, no weekends) and King County EMS (have to be sponsored by a dept I believe). Elsewhere in Puget Sound are Everett CC and Bates. Hope this helps,


Thanks! I recently heard back from NSCC about their program; I'll prob. end up there.

I will look in to the KCEMS - I have a few buddys working for Snohomish FD's that can point me in the right direction to get sponsored!

Thanks again!Text