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Bay Area Nat. Reg Medic Test Site

Hi everyone !
If you're currently in a paramedic program or you just wrapped up your internship, please consider us when you're getting ready to take the skills portion of the National Registry Paramedic Assessment Test.

We are located in Dublin near the 580 / 680 interchange. For those of you from outside the bay area that are looking to take advantage of the 2 day offer we have, there are hotels / restaurants in very close proximity to our facility.

National Registry Info


Skills Test Day - $300.00
Prep Day - $140.00
Test Retake - $60.00 per test
American Health Education now offers monthly National Registry Practical Exams for the Paramedic candidate.
We fill our test dates in the order applications and payments are received, so to reserve your seat for the month you plan to exam, please return your application and exam fees to the office at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date. Once we receive your payment, you will be mailed a confirmation letter and directions to the testing site. This confirmation letter will give you pertinent information regarding the test and officially reserves your seat. We attempt to offer same day skills retest opportunities, however, we do not guarantee that they will be available.

For an additional fee, we also offer an optional skills prep course for the Paramedic candidate to be held the day prior to the exam. This course is administered by our Paramedic training instructors and is designed to provide skills practice over the entire practical exam. The prep class also provides familiarization with the equipment to be used during the testing process. It is not intended to provide or replace a solid cognitive and psych*m*tor foundation.

For information on registration contact Yvette Surendran at 1-800-483-3615 or

For information on the prep class or testing process contact Rich on this site under username: AHE or at

Thanks !
Rich & Jack @ AHE